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Client Services

At South Sound Employment, we provide a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond conventional staffing solutions. Our dedication lies in tailoring our services to meet the unique demands of your business, guaranteeing precise and effective solutions tailored to your requirements. To discover how we can assist in managing and advancing your business, click the button below to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated agents.

employee of South Sound Employment Solutions In Her Job

Direct Hire Placement

  • Access to a wide pool of candidates

  • Cost Effective recruiting

  • Pre-screening based on business needs

  • 24/7 support

  • Quickly filled positions

  • Reduced Risk: Placement Guarantee

  • Save time and effort

  • Working interview options

  • No hidden fees to replace within 60 days

  • Discounted rates vs temp to hire

  • On-boarding options

  • Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Office Workspace

Contract Services

Hiring virtual assistants and contracting services offer numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. Firstly, they provide cost-effective solutions by eliminating the need for full-time employees and associated overhead costs like office space and equipment. Additionally, virtual assistants and contracted services offer flexibility, allowing businesses to scale up or down based on their needs without the burden of long-term commitments. Furthermore, they bring specialized expertise to the table, often in areas such as administrative support, digital marketing, or customer service, enabling businesses to access professional skills without the hassle of recruitment. Finally, outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants and contracted services frees up valuable time for business owners and staff to focus on core activities and strategic initiatives, ultimately driving growth and productivity.


  • Pay per project or Hourly

  • Great for Vacation Coverage for Small Businesses

  • Application based customer service

  • Answer Phone Calls

  • Email or Inbox Management

  • Schedule Meetings

  • Booking Travel Accommodations

  • Maintain Online Records

  • Perform Market Research

  • Proof Reading

  • Data Entry

  • Social Media Content and Calendar Management

Temporay to Permanant placements

  • L&I Industry Insurance Compliance

  • Quickly filled positions

  • Attendance Management

  • 24/7 support

  • Performance Assessments

  • Payroll Management with weekly pay

  • "Try before you buy" candidates

  • Short term projects qualified

  • Unemployment Coverage

  • Flexibility in staffing: length/shift times

  • Reduced Employment risks

  • Improved Productivity

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