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The best compliment is your referral.

At South Sound Employment Solutions, we believe that great opportunities should be shared, and our referral program is designed to reward you for doing just that. Whether you know someone seeking a new career path or a business in need of staffing solutions, we offer generous bonuses when your referrals lead to successful placements or signed contracts. Your connections can now benefit not only from our exceptional services but also from your valuable referrals. Join our referral program and start earning rewards today!

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Employee Referrals

Unlock the power of our Employee Referral Program at South Sound Employment Solutions! When you introduce your friends and family to exceptional career opportunities through our services, you're not only helping them kickstart their new journey, but you're also rewarding yourself with referral bonuses of up to $100 for each successful referral.

  • Your referrals simply need to provide the first name and last name on the referral page when they complete their online application.

  • Bonuses are exclusively awarded for referrals who meet our hiring criteria, accept a career position or assignment, and fulfill the terms of their role.

  • Once your referral completes their first 480 hours of billable time, you'll receive your bonus – no upfront payment required!

  • It doesn't matter if you're not part of the South Sound Employment Solutions team; this program is open to everyone.

  • There's no cap on how much you can earn, so your potential rewards are limitless!

  • While we can't guarantee employment to any individual, our program offers an exciting opportunity to benefit from your referrals.

  • Please note that individuals who have previously applied for positions with South Sound Employment Services are not eligible for this program.

  • In case a candidate is referred more than once, we'll honor the first referring party, ensuring fairness and transparency.


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to help your loved ones find fulfilling careers while earning generous rewards through our Employee Referral Program!

Business Referrals

Are you acquainted with an organization grappling with staffing challenges? At South Sound Employment Solutions, we extend a rewarding opportunity for you to introduce us to key decision-makers, including Hiring Managers, HR Executives, and internal recruiters. Your referrals can translate into signed contracts, and that means substantial rewards await you.

  • When your referral results in a signed contract with 1000 hours billed, South Sound Employment Solutions calculates referrals based on mutually agreed-upon rates and assignment types.

  • For in-depth information and to explore the potential benefits of our referral program, we encourage you to connect with a South Sound Client Acquisition Specialist.


Don't miss out on the chance to not only help businesses overcome their staffing challenges but also to reap the financial benefits that come with it. Your referrals could be the key to unlocking lucrative opportunities!

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